FPPF Total Power 32 oz.


    Total Power

    The Ultimate Formula for Year ‘Round Treatment

    Winter brings frigid temperatures, flurries and fuel problems. Be proactive with your diesel fuel treatment — before the frost sets in — with the FPPF Total Power. Featuring the best anti-gelling additive, Total Power is a combination of some of the most powerful formulations FPPF offers. Total Power packs a punch by combining Polar Power, Fuel Power, Diesel Injector Cleaner, 8+ Cetane Improver and a highly effective lubricity additive. It all results in a treatment that lowers CFPP and pour points and meets L-10, N-14, A.S.T.M. and B.O.C.L.E. standards. Nothing gets your diesel fuel ready for the frost like FPPF Total Power. So you can stay running and stay warm.

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